For HOPAAL, performance doesn't bother with the superfluous


Since our creation, we have constantly worked to push the boundaries of our commitment to sustainability and performance. An obsession with which we'd always be willing to start over for. Today, it's a simple fact: the biggest problem in our daily lives is quantity. And that's where our main challenge begins. Producing fewer and better garments.
Our active lifestyles and sporting activities require function and versatile clothing to keep up with our fast-paced, daily lives and intensive practices. In a life on the move, our equipment has to perform and last in three ways: through quality, its reduced impact on the environment and it’s longevity at our sides.

Produce less and better.

As a committed brand, in close contact with nature and the great outdoors, we have a responsibility to constantly improve on sustainability issues. But it's hard to embody this environmental vocation when you're offering a catalogue of products bigger than what a wardrobe can contain. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said it best: "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove". So we've taken the radical step of reducing our wardrobe to the essentials: only fifty garments to accompany you in every situation.

To begin with, 4 garments to be worn before, during and after your practice: an anti-odour t-shirt, tear-resistant shorts, functional, comfortable trousers and a nearly indestructible insulating jacket.

Minimalism demands that if you have to choose just one colour, it's the most durable and timeless. The black colour embodies our approach, a quest for excellence and a vocation to accompany everyday life in a spirit of discretion. These garments are made from recycled materials and meet the highest environmental standards.

Escalade outdoor

A demanding and ambitious approach

Designed for bold, active minds that are always on the move, these garments have been designed with an obsession for durability in mind. They endure constant use, in a multitude of situations. The key idea behind the project is to offer sober, complementary clothing for everyday needs that comes as close to perfection as possible, with maximum functionality and versatility. Fewer pieces mean more versatility.

This ambitious approach is based on 3 levels of requirements:
Technical methods applied at every stage of the production process
Unquestionable social requirements in terms of transparency, traceability and ethics
High environmental standards

In light of today's social and environmental challenges, standing still is not an option. We are constantly on the move, always striving for improvement. With this in mind, our social, local and environmental approach has also taken a new turn with the opening of our workshop in Socoa, where we manufacture some of our garments.


Trail Running