Cimes montagnes enneigées

The conditions in which mountain exploration takes place are among the most variable and unpredictable. With changing weather and evolving terrain, bad weather and snags are just around the corner. That's exactly why we asked mountain guide Théo to put one of our trousers to the test.
Théo has always explored the mountains and enjoys the contrast of wide open spaces. It's what motivated him to swap his engineering diploma for a mountain guide qualification. Here, the richness of the environment is appreciated through the result of effort and great vigilance. As well as his job as a guide, Théo spends part of his time exploring the routes and walls of the Alps, sometimes far off the beaten track, in a context where mountaineering takes on a whole new meaning.

Guide, a versatile and demanding approach to the mountains

The multi-disciplinary nature of the mountain guide profession is reflected in the diversity of the terrain explored. It encompasses climbing, expeditions, mountaineering, often vertiginous routes, and glacier trekking.

In these occasionally austere environments, as a guide, solo or in a duo, nature presents its share of challenges. These demanding expeditions often involve an approach walk across the glaciers with crampons. It's a fairly technical section in a harsh environment. Théo navigates between the crevasses and keeps a close watch on the weather. Every excursion involves keeping an eye on the elements. After that, it's all about adaptability, until you reach your goal: a summit, an exceptional panorama and sometimes even a crystal cove.


Multi-purpose trousers put to the test

Théo is among those who regularly test our products in intense conditions. His experience of our trousers began quietly, with indoor and outdoor climbing sessions. Until he decided to push the test a little further. He followed him on his mountaineering expeditions from mid-summer onwards. As a mountain guide, the routes often reach high altitudes and involve variations in temperature. These are conditions that call for versatile, abrasion- and tear-proof equipment. A conclusive test that led Théo to keep the same trousers when he set off in search of crystals. The ultimate test, in a way.
In total, our trousers were used around fifty times over a period of around two months. Almost daily use, then, in conditions as diametrically opposed as long routes on the cliffs and outings to the restaurant.

"The idea was to use it to the extreme, as often as possible, in as many intense situations as possible. In the end, I would wash it in the evening and wear it the next day. For the moment, it hasn't moved".